I’m pleased to announce that Citrix Insight Services (http://cis.citrix.com) now supports the detection and analysis of diagnostic bundles from CloudPortal Business Manager.  CPBM is a unified cloud services delivery and business management platform that enables cloud services automation for provisioning, billing, metering and user management.  It’s a key component that enables organizations to deliver IT as a true self-service offering.

If you are running CPBM 2.3.0 or later, I encourage you to collect a diagnostic data bundle from your environment and upload it to Citrix Insight Services.  We’ve prepared some resources to walk you through the process:

KB Article: How to Collect Diagnostics Using the CPBM Admin Utility

How-to Video: How to Collect CPBM Data and Analyze it with Citrix Insight Services

Here are some sample screenshots of a CPBM bundle analysis:

Diagnostic plug-in firing to alert the admin of an issue that was found
Content plug-in displaying the environment details

What might your CPBM data bundle uncover?  Try it out and see for yourself!  We already have several diagnostic plug-ins that will run against your file to detect issues and recommend best practices.  New plug-ins are being developed all the time so you’ll want to capture and upload your bundle files to us regularly.

As always, we like hearing from our users directly.  Tell us what’s working, what we can improve on and how we can best continue to evolve the offering by clicking the “Feedback” link at the bottom of our site at http://cis.citrix.com.

Until next time, keep those uploads coming…

Allen Furmanski
Product Manager
Citrix Product Insights and Analytics