In this month’s CTO Council Newsletter, we explore the Future of Healthcare in Part One of a Two-Part Series.  We next take a look at the impact HTML5 is beginning to have in mobile development and then discuss Project Accelerator, an experiment that speeds up the implementation of XenDesktop, XenApp and XenClient.   Finally, Martin Duursma writes about the constant change in our technology-driven world and highlights the Citrix Technology Landscape.

The Future of Healthcare — Part 1  

It’s an exciting time as healthcare technologies evolve to provide real-time statistics, medical specialists collaborating world-wide, vast medical knowledge bases available at the touch of a button, medical data analytics, and a myriad of technical and communications advancements that provide new health insights.  In this article we explore technologies in the medical field that will take us into the future of healthcare.

What is the impact of HTML5?

Have open standards like HTML5 simplified development on mobile platforms, making it easier for developers to target applications across multiple mobile device platforms?  In this article we examine the use of mobile developer tools and look at an example of how Citrix Labs approached mobile development with HTML5 to solve a particular problem.

Project Accelerator

Project Accelerator takes an innovative approach to help Citrix customers and partners accelerate implementations of XenDesktop, XenApp, and XenClient by providing a design tailored to specific requirements. To simplify the process, Accelerator asks a series of questions and you receive customized hardware recommendations and a recommended architecture for your implementation.  Try it now at

The Only Constant is Change

One of the few certainties in life is change.  Keeping abreast of technological change can be daunting. To help avoid being paralyzed by the constantly shifting sands of technology, Citrix each year publishes  the Citrix Technology Landscape, a five-year vision on where technology is headed and its impact on people and society.  The full document is now publically available here

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