Putting information at a clinician’s fingertips to accelerate life-altering decisions – and reduce provider inefficiencies

Johnny Brister of Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady Health System (FMOLHS) in Baton Rouge, LA, always seems surprised by how much I love their story. In his Southern drawl, he once said to me something like, “I suppose that when you’re too close to the action, you often don’t have enough time to step back and revel in the advances you’ve made.” Hearing the incredible ways their IT team is advancing care delivery and helping the provider drive efficiency got my attention fast. And it became my mission to share their story. National Health IT week gave me yet another excuse to do just that.

Most recently, CIO magazine published a powerful piece on how health information technology enabled FMOLHS to extend the reach of their own wellness program, Healthy Lives, to other employers in the state of Louisiana and beyond. As citizens of this country, we need to be educated, proactive and in control of changing our own health outcomes. And our employers need to help make health and wellness a priority for us. That’s why I love what FMOLHS did. They took a program that garnered an 80% participation rate and had proven to engage their members, improve health and save their organization money, and they shared it with the rest of us. This is a great stride forward for our country, and health IT was one of the underlying components that made it possible.

But that same health IT strategy has done much more, including giving FMOLHS clinicians access to patient data instantly wherever they are, while reducing $750,000 in wasted spending every year. As Johnny said, his team at FMOLHS has one main goal: “to support the physicians, saving them time so they can spend more of it with patients. They’re doctors, not IT people. They shouldn’t have to worry about the computer.”

To reach that goal, the IT team needed to put critical patient information at the doctor’s fingertips. And, maybe more importantly, they had to streamline clinical workflows and reduce the time it takes to get to the “point of productivity.” By reducing the number of clicks per-endpoint interaction (which can be countless) to just 1 click for initial login and zero clicks for subsequent reconnects with a badge and PIN, the IT team cut the time to access health records by 30 seconds per interaction. Astoundingly, that saves the provider nearly $750,000 per year. But, imagine what that would mean if you were the patient or a concerned family member in one of their facilities. It would mean greater attention from caregivers, more informed clinical decision-making and faster response when you or your family member needs it most.

The story that Johnny and the FMOLHS team shares doesn’t stop with extending the Healthy Lives program, faster clinical decisions or provider efficiency. Learn how health IT is enabling FMOLHS to reach more patients and support their strong, faith-based mission of helping people in need.

FMOLHS is not alone in putting information at a clinician’s fingertips to accelerate life-altering decisions. Innovative providers like Seattle Children’s Hospital and many others enable clinicians to use technology resources more easily and efficiently no matter where they go, while producing significant ROI for the business.

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