Citrix is excited to announce the availability of our new hardware appliances, the NetScaler 24000 series. These high performing MPX and SDX appliances can provide more than 100 Gbps of throughput capacity and are ideal for environments requiring less SSL capacity than the 22000 Series. Available as the 24100 and 24150 models, these appliances can provide 100 Gbps and 150 Gbps of throughput. The full NetScaler feature set is supported along with ‘Pay As You Grow’ and Burst Pack license upgrades.

Citrix will also increase the number of virtual instance entitlements for the following SDX models: 11520, 11530, 11540, 11542, 22040, 22060, 22080, 22100, 22120 effective immediately.

Additionally, new SDX hardware will automatically have the new entitlement embedded in the initial license.  The new density entitlements for the following SDX models will be:

NetScaler SDX Model

Virtual instance entitlement

11520, 11530, 11540, 11542, 22040


22060, 22080, 22100, 22120


Please note there is also price updates on SDX 11520 and SDX 11530 effective Oct 2, 2014.  Please connect with your local Citrix sales representative for details.

Last but not least, we are pleased to announce  TriScale Clustering as an included feature of NetScaler Enterprise and Platinum Editions for all currently supported NetScaler MPX and VPX offerings as well as supported on NetScaler SDX appliances.  Customers with valid support agreements will be able to obtain this entitlement by upgrading to the latest SW release 10.5.52.x released by September 30, 2014.