Citrix has drafted a strong team of channel partners. Just as a quarterback is critical to moving the ball forward, delivering services well is the winning play for partners and Citrix to accelerate growth.

Citrix Solution Advisors are being asked by customers to deliver more and more services across Citrix product lines. A recent survey conducted by Partner Services within Citrix Worldwide Consulting & Education showed that 64% of customers use a partner to deliver services.

From the TechValidate Partner Services survey completed in August, our customers cheered that Citrix partners are delivering various winning professional services across all phases of consulting, even in areas as complex as complete architecture and design of end-to-end Citrix solutions.

Customers were clear on their enthusiasm for partners to implement Citrix solutions and their need to leverage their talent and expertise.

Top reasons customers choose to work with Citrix partners

The top reasons customers choose Citrix partners to perform services include:

Partner success is our success

Our partners’ ability to sell and deliver services is a key factor for business growth for both partners and ultimately Citrix. The Partner Services and the Worldwide Channels teams are working to discover new ways to team up with our partners, to continue to promote and enable them to successfully sell and deliver services.

We will be the World Champions as we grow and support partner-led services across all Citrix solutions. A customer said it best about what a Citrix partner was able to provide.

Conversations with partners continue to be overwhelmingly positive and insightful as we collaborate to create diverse plays and offerings such as best practice tools, processes, services e-learnings, relationship dashboard, and joint services marketing and messaging.

It is game time and customers are clearly ready to leverage partners’ services more than ever. This is a tremendous opportunity and we look forward to flawless execution in creating a more partner-centric services future together.