As you may know, Citrix Convoi allows you to take your Conference Rooms, To Go, for free. Convoi is targeted at teams comprised of highly mobile workers who prefer instant text messaging and quick status calls with colleagues over complicated email threads and long-winded meetings. Convoi allows users to create “mobile conference rooms” comprised of these different groups of people who you need to talk with frequently throughout the day.

What makes Convoi different from other apps in the news like WhatsApp, Viber, CoTap, Slack, HipChat is that not all members of your room have to have the app. In fact, only one person needs an iPhone to get their team up an running with group chatting/calling. Everyone else can simply participate by way of their mobile phone number. Convoi was recently updated and is iterating fast in the workplace messaging and calling space.

Start and End Conference Calls on Time!
Convoi now has a way to make sure everyone joins your conference call on time, as scheduled. No more late starts or late joiners. How you ask?

It’s pretty simple and very easy to use.

1. Populate your room by adding people’s mobile or desk phone number.

2. Tap Schedule and choose a time for your call. (This may be one time or a recurring call.)

At the scheduled time, everyone in the room will get a phone call, even the call organizer. Everyone simply answers their phone and voila! they are placed into the conference call. No access codes, no PINs to enter. No need to do anything as Convoi calls you when the call starts.

The Convoi development team is now using this for their 10am daily 15-minute standup call used in most agile practices. One of the developers said “No more waiting around for the organizer to start the call, since the call automatically starts itself. Self-service at its finest!”

No Mystery Callers with Caller ID
In addition, each room has a dedicated conference call phone number so you can always email or text out the phone number for someone to dial-in if you prefer to not make them a permanent room member. In this latest release, Citrix Convoi shows the Caller ID for each and every person that joins your calls. No need to ever wonder who’s on line.

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