Talkboard by Citrix celebrates its first birthday this week — an exciting milestone for the small team running the innovation project brought to market last September. With it’s simplicity and ease of use, the mobile collaboration and communication app from the Citrix SaaS division has proven to be quite popular with iPad users and most importantly, solve real problems for customers.

A review on (, a free service from Common Sense Education, stated, “Teachers can use Talkboard by Citrix to get students to interact with one another in a unique way. It works ideally for projects where images, not words, play a key role.”

Happy Birthday Talkboard
Happy Birthday Talkboard

Through a variety of data points and interviews the team has validated their hypothesis that Talkboard’s ability to collaborate with others using free form drawing and images fills a critical gap – for educators, tutors and students and for business and creative professionals as well.  Peter, a designer for a gaming startup, uses Talkboard to capture and develop ideas before his team makes expensive design and coding investments. He states “It’s my favorite ideation tool. At this stage, that’s the biggest part of what I do.”

The Talkboard app is also paving the way for other innovations and experiments at Citrix. The team applies Lean Startup principles–all decisions are firmly grounded in data supporting critical objectivity. Each feature or enhancement, such as the addition of audio or ability to import photos, gets developed and validated through rigorous test, measure and learn cycles. There must be clear evidence that anything added to the app adds significant value. This helps the team stay keenly focused on solving real customer problems and maintain simple beautifully designed interface that users rave about.

Looking down the road, the team will be introducing enhancements they’ve learned are critical to seamless workflows and a highly intuitive experience. A web version will expand the ability to access and participate in Talkboard sessions from any platform (desktops, Android and Windows devices) and the team is excited about opportunities to bring Talkboard to the iPhone. The larger screens of the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus provide much more room to work and play.

Talkboard is exclusively available for iPads – if you haven’t tried it download it free on the App Store and let us know what you think.