While most organizations recognize the need to manage and control mobile apps and devices, many companies lack the resources and infrastructure needed to handle the growing number of devices and apps in their environment. Cloud-based enterprise mobility management (EMM) solutions address this challenge by providing more flexibility, ease of management and lower TCO.

Before you select an EMM Cloud provider it’s important that you are able to answer these questions:

  • Will I get the same EMM functionality from the cloud as I would on-premise?
  • What is required for a secure EMM Cloud deployment?
  • How comprehensive and integrated is my EMM Cloud deployment?
  • How can I balance security yet ensure user productivity for EMM Cloud deployments?
  • How integrated will my EMM Cloud solution be with my organization?
  • Will authentication and single sign-on be seamless with my EMM Cloud deployment?
  • What type of mobile workflows for users will my EMM Cloud solution deliver?
  • What flexible deployment options does my EMM Cloud solution offer?
  • Is my EMM Cloud solution designed for business continuity?
  • How built-in is disaster recovery in my EMM Cloud solution?

It’s important to understand the technologies that can deliver a secure EMM solution from the cloud.

In this webinar you will learn how to:

  • The required elements to deliver a comprehensive EMM solution in the cloud
  • The benefits of a cloud-based vs. on-premises EMM solution
  • Why XenMobile Cloud is the most complete EMM cloud solution available

Join Christopher Campbell, Senior Product Marketing Manager for XenMobile, and Milind Mohile, Director of Product Management for XenMobile Cloud to see how Citrix delivers the most complete, comprehensive and secure EMM solution from the cloud.


Join us and learn how XenMobile Cloud lowers EMM deployment cost and complexity while decreasing time-to-value and increasing ROI by giving your organization the industry’s most comprehensive and future-proof EMM solution.

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