Apple has announced that iOS 8 will be released on Sept 17, and that iOS 8 will be the “biggest iOS release ever”. Mobile operators – get ready – this means a spike in mobile data traffic is coming your way.  The latest Citrix mobile analytics report, generated by analysis of anonymized, real-world traffic patterns from Citrix operator customer worldwide, shows that on an average day, 8% of mobile subscribers access App Store, and that those downloads generate 14% of total mobile data volume.  But what if it’s not an average day? Consumers are usually keen to update to the latest and greatest version of available technology. According to a mobile consumer survey commissioned by Citrix, over half of smartphone owners are likely to run the update within 24 hours of notification and approximately 86% will update within 7 days.

Now, we understand that not all updates will take place over the mobile network. In fact, we are sure many updates will be downloaded over wifi networks, but we expect a significant spike in mobile data traffic to be coming from iOS 8 updates during the week of Sept 17 through to the 24th.

Our more than a decade of experience has shown that whenever a device manufacturer like Apple, app developer like Facebook or a software vendor like Microsoft releases a new version of their product, networks worldwide experience data spikes as a result of consumers  updating their device. This flood of ‘update’ related traffic affects other network traffic like mobile video and internet radio, which rely on timely delivery of data for a positive user experience. Mobile operators need to manage this sudden influx of traffic in real-time, in order to maintain the quality of experience – meaning people can still watch YouTube videos and see their friends’ Instagram and Facebook updates without interruption or degradation of service.

Citrix ByteMobile Adaptive Traffic Management solutions help operators manage the flow of updates over the mobile network, enabling operators to maintain the best user experience possible for its customers regardless of traffic spikes.  To learn more, watch this short video about Auto-Update optimization.