Apple recently announced that their newest devices (iPhone 6 and 6+) will be available for purchase from Sep 19, 2014 and their newest operating system, iOS 8 will be generally available on existing, supported iOS devices, starting Sep 17, 2014.  iOS 8 builds upon and extends a number of great enterprise-centric features delivered with iOS 7 last year.  One example is Touch ID, which can now be incorporated into 3rd party apps for simpler, yet stronger security.

Apple’s balanced delivery of features that delight consumers and enable businesses is the latest reminder that mobile technology is meshing our personal and business lives in ways once never thought possible.  Work is part of what we do and who we are, and end users have come to expect it all to coexist harmoniously.

XenMobile leverages the iOS platform and the extensive set of enterprise controls provided by Apple.  XenMobile also provides a suite of native productivity applications designed to help end users get more done, more easily.

As with iOS 7, Citrix is pleased to announce same day support for iOS 8 for Citrix XenMobile MDM.  iOS 8 will be supported for XenMobile App and Enterprise editions with the release of the updated MDX toolkit and Worx Apps shortly after the release of iOS 8.

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eDocs: Wrapping Worx Apps for iOS 8

iOS 8 Upgrade: FAQs for XenMobile Customers (PDF)

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