What was once a tool for only Citrix Technical Support is now available to partners, customers and anyone using Citrix products. All you need to use Citrix Insight Services (TaaS) is a My Citrix login and data to analyze.

Getting the data to upload is really simple: XenApp 7.5, XenDektop 7.5, NetScaler, and XenServer have the components to create the data bundle and upload it, and if you are in an earlier version (XA6.x or XD5.x) the tool needed: Scout, is available from download here.

Once uploaded the data is analyzed and the result is available for review. Recommendations and alerts are displayed as well as a system snapshot.

Although this tool is available for everyone, the technological level needed to understand it is not trivial. Therefore Citrix partners, whom have taken Citrix training, can leverage it and improve the level of service that is provided to their Citrix users.

The tool can also be helpful in creating and maintaining Citrix farm documentation as it creates a summary of the existing deployment down to hotfixes applied and versions used.

Rather than have you just read about it, I recommend you upload data from the systems you support and get to see by yourself at the value this tool provides.

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