The California Gold Rush of 1849 brought rapid growth to San Francisco.  150 years later, a different type of prospecting is luring people to the Bay Area.  Last  week, I attended my first VMworld conference in San Francisco with other members of the Citrix team expecting to take in the latest VMware view of the familiar topics of mobility, cloud and end user computing.

In three packed days, I attended numerous sessions, labs and presentations centered on these areas looking to find glimpses of insight and information. These included two General Sessions, a Preview of the Latest Release, Partner EUC Strategy & Roadmap, EUC for the Mobile-Cloud Era, Integration Strategy and The Competitive Landscape. What I observed was considerable overlap in the content and messaging around mobility, cloud and EUC and a very unclear message on how they were going to deliver it.

There was little evidence that, to date, VMware have executed on the vision of on an integrated technology roadmap. I simply did not see any compelling proof of a persuasive mobile technology or user experience. What I did see focused on the admin mostly with not much for the end user to get excited about. When compared to what Citrix already provides to customers today, especially around business-class productivity apps designed for people on the go, the advantages for end users seemed to be seriously lacking.

Often I thought to myself, “Well the next session should definitely demonstrate some type of innovation dedicated to mobility, cloud and the user experience” but it never happened. Instead, what I heard on more than one occasion left me wondering why several misguided and clearly inaccurate references towards Citrix were made.

In more than one session, Citrix was mistakenly referenced to be in the desktop space only. In fact, Citrix covers the desktop, mobile, collaboration and networking space with a more a comprehensive and integrated solution with Citrix Workspace Suite. When an attendee asked about competing products, they admitted that Citrix does all they do but without the “mobile goodness” – a statement that seemingly left the audience confused.

I also heard on more than one occasion that because the Citrix acquisition of Zenprise was at fraction of the cost that VMware paid for AirWatch, that therefore it was the lesser technology.  Getting better technology, at the right time and for less money is just good business – an opportunity that Citrix was able to take advantage of.

Finally, when a demo was given only the systems tray improvements were highlighted to give evidence of improved experience.  All I could think was Citrix already has all of theses technologies available and in production today.

Earlier this year, and several months before VMworld, our innovative Citrix Workspace Suite débuted with resounding accolades from industry analysts and enterprise customers. It brings together mobile, desktop and networking technologies to help our customers transform the way IT services are delivered, managed and consumed. In fact, we are the onlyvendor that has technology in every one of these categories; EMM, EFSS, ADC and App and Desktop Virtualization.

So when VMware Workspace Suite came out as a marketing bundle, rather than an actual product, I was a little surprised. This, they claimed, was innovation – but surely innovation involves moving the products forward in a cohesive manner as Citrix has done with Citrix Workspace Suite.  Real integration of products is where the value lies for the enterprise and Citrix has already delivered to market the end-to-end solutions that customers want.

My high level take away is this:  VMware talked a good one about the future of mobility, cloud and EUC, but they are playing catch-up to Citrix across the board. One need only look beyond the smoke, mirrors and bravado to see what is already demonstrated in market. Today, Citrix is the leader in mobile workspace delivery offering people and businesses a proven end-to-end solution to transform the enterprise and allow people to work better.

My visit to San Francisco confirmed that enterprises are actively searching for the new gold standard in software for their organizations. People and businesses want to use Citrix because they are delighted by the experience we offer and the considerable value of our solution. As enterprises begin their own mobility, cloud and EUC journey, Citrix offers the secure and personal technology to get you there. It’s going to be an exciting trek and we invite you to join Citrix, the proven leaders in Mobile Workspaces, to embark on it together.

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