The Cisco Global Sales Experience (GSX) annual conference happened last week in Las Vegas and the event was packed with great participants and amazing technical content. One area extremely popular was their DevNet zone hosted in the Mandalay Bay Islander auditoriums, where developer-centric topics took center stage. Folks from all regions of the world and different development backgrounds, interacted in this two day event, where they exchanged information, and explored new Cisco technologies on multiple areas such as collaboration, Mobility Services API, APIC Enterprise and DataCenter Modules, as well as WAN Automation Engine Services.

Only a hand full of partners were invited to present in the DevNet zone, and Citrix was  proud to be one of them. The Citrix team had the chance to engage in very interesting conversations with some of our Cisco friends to highlight the versatility of Citrix products and current integration between Cisco and Citrix technologies: RISE, ADC as a Service, APIC DC/EM and OpenStack integration as well as Web Application Firewall were on the discussion table. Hey, even the Voynich manuscript came up as a reference to describe futuristic ideas on security and encryption.

 In addition to great breakout sessions, the DevNet team also hosted learning labs for all attendees to get hands-on experience with new Cisco products and platforms. Using XenDesktop running on UCS, the DevNet team delivered a great user experience and flexibility to showcase labs on different topics.

Overall, this was a great event! We are proud to be a key Cisco partner and we are looking forward to the next Cisco event.

See you in Cancun!