It’s almost that time of the year.  You know why?  I walked into the Santa Clara Starbucks the other day, and found that the Pumpkin Spice Latte is now being served.  Wait, we are still in early September, right?  Pretty soon that Pumpkin Spice Latte will change into the Peppermint Mocha now being served!  Ladies & Gentlemen, I give you the HOLIDAY SEASON!

Every year it seems as if the holiday shopping season is hitting the markets earlier.  What happened to waiting for Halloween & Thanksgiving (US Observance) to wrap up?  Gone are the shopping days of waiting till Black Friday or Cyber Monday!  You know most retailers are going to take advantage of this, and will start to provide incentives to purchase their items in advance to ensure they make as much money possible.  Fortunately, some of us who have little kiddos in the family try to stick with the traditions of the holidays to make it more enjoyable for us all.  Personally, I hate going to the malls & toy stores anytime after Thanksgiving.  It is however fun to people watch, and see how crazy people can become over sale items!  Forgot to insert <Parking> into the equation!  Yup, now I know what I stay clear away from these places.

For the upcoming 2014 holiday shopping, most larger retailers expect that 87 percent of shoppers will buy 30-40% of their gifts online.  That means web traffic via desktops, laptops, and mobile devices will certainly increase as we get closer to Christmas Day.  How do you plan for such an event without having to go through the hurdles of prepping for what most retailers like to call, “Lockdown!”

I see this common mistake every year by retailers, and not enough planning can help in this sort of last minute scramble to make sure that your applications are 100% ready to take on the hundreds of thousands, if not, millions of visitors expected to hit the site during the season.  One of the areas you can plan for is “Elasticity” with Citrix TriScale Pay-As-You-Grow technology.

Citrix NetScaler’s on-demand licensing model breaks the hardware dependency of competing offerings.  With Pay-As-You-Grow, you can purchase a NetScaler solution that meets the requirement needs of today, confident you can quickly, and easily ‘scale up’ in the future without the need for costly and disruptive hardware replacements. All it takes is a simple software license upgrade to increase performance by up to 5x.  This is perfect, especially for retailers that are growing their online business annually.  Why rip & replace infrastructure as most vendors offer?   Citrix also offers a Burst Pack licensing feature delivers additional flexibility and unparalleled elasticity by enabling a temporary, 90-day boost in performance. Datacenter managers can efficiently handle both expected and unexpected spikes in demand, while thoughtfully assessing the need for longer-term upgrades – all without getting locked into expensive and potentially unnecessary hardware investments.  NetScaler Pay-As-You-Grow and Burst Pack – Pay only for the performance you need when you need it!  Click here for more information on NetScaler’s Pay-As-You-Grow feature.

Maybe we’ll see you at the local Starbucks or Mall this coming season. 🙂

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