With VMworld 2014 in San Francisco recently behind us, it’s good to reflect back on the event, conversations had and interest expressed from the attendees coming by our booth.

As always at these trade shows, there was a great deal of interest in all the Citrix technologies and particularly for myself, plenty of great conversations had with people expressing interest in Citrix’s cloud technologies and what we demoed at VMworld, which was the ability to automatically and dynamically scale out or scale in workloads based on their utilization.

The ability for cloud administrators to offload manual tasks such as creating workloads, incorporating them into their network and load balancing policies means they are free to do other more important work. Not least, that they may not be available to perform these tasks at, say very early in the morning, when your company’s website traffic has started to escalate due to a public announcement or product release. Monitoring traffic at all times of the day is not a very feasible option.

What if a portion of the infrastructure has gone offline due to an infrastructure failure and what remains in another location isn’t able to handle the load by itself? Do you want your admins to spend time building out the web server farm to meet the needs of the business or be repairing the infrastructure failure?

Well, if the cloud infrastructure is elastic and able to automatically scale out and in workloads, these types of scenarios are dealt with much more easily and your website continues to deliver the content without interruption.

This year at VMworld, I demoed the integration between Citrix CloudPlatform the industry’s only future-proofed, application-centric cloud orchestration solution with over 250 customer production clouds in deployment and Citrix NetScaler the world’s most advanced application delivery controller for mobile and web.

For an application environment to be able to scale out or in rapidly, you need to automate the processes that monitor traffic and scale resources. With Citrix CloudPlatform AutoScale, the admin configures the NetScaler appliance to load balance traffic to the application virtual machines (VMs), monitor application thresholds and performance and trigger scale-out and scale-in actions to add or remove VMs to or from the application fleet.

By integrating these two products, customers are easily able to deploy cloud-based server farms based with AutoScale policies.

Simply define the minimum and maximum scale, the thresholds for scaling up and down and the cloud does the rest, leaving you, the administrator, to rest easy in the knowledge that there is one less thing you need to concern yourself about like whether there are too many or too few resources dedicated to supporting the company’s web server farm.

Watch the video demo to see how this works!

I hope to see those of you that came by the booth at another conference for more cloud-related discussions in the near future!