Today’s modern enterprises face so many new requirements for datacenter and cloud architectures – from keeping pace with fast-growing traffic as cost effectively as possible to ensuring the most optimal application performance, no matter how quickly the needs of the business environment evolve. So what does that mean, in turn, for the IT department? Well,  IT also gets the added duty of reducing costs and datacenter sprawl, ensuring security and uptime, and all the while diligently preparing for a new generation of cloud computing initiatives. That’s no small task!

Let’s face it – there are multiple Application Delivery Controller solutions that promise to meet demanding customer needs, however the stark reality is that they often fall short. But, wait a minute – an ADC is one of the single most critical elements of an organizations’ datacenter and cloud architecture. This means the emphasis for customers to thoroughly research and assess its ability to address the most important challenges in their environment, both for today and in preparation for tomorrow, has never been greater. Step forward: Citrix NetScaler.

NetScaler ADCs are deployed in thousands of networks around the world. Companies rely on NetScaler to provide fast, scalable and always available access for all enterprise and cloud services, and to all users. Over time, NetScaler has grown significant market share by giving customers the features and functionality they need to build next-generation infrastructures – all with the flexibility, scalability and performance required to deliver optimal value as needs evolve.

Make no mistake, evaluating and selecting the right ADC solution is a big decision for any organization – large or small. But, when that decision is driven by the need for outstanding performance – NetScaler is a clear choice.

As I’ve talked about in some of my previous partner marketing blogs, when it comes to getting ahead with your marketing efforts, it’s all about the conversation starters…… those “ignition points” that spark and resonate with customer challenges.

With that in mind what better way is there to start leading your ADC discussions than with smart, relevant data and proof points backed by third party validation? Exactly. Step forward: two new marketing kits available exclusively for Citrix Partners featuring just that – real world tests proving that NetScaler outperformed its rivals in nearly every scenario.

New marketing resources for partners

To help Citrix partners generate demand and go-to-market, we’ve just launched new and ready-to-execute marketing kits that can be used to help drive customer conversations. Each kit leads with the recent independent report by the Tolly Group, demonstrating how NetScaler outperforms the equivalent F5 platform by up to 4.8 times in real world tests. From email templates and copy blocks to webinars and landing pages – Citrix Marketing Concierge has you covered with these new marketing kits.

Follow these three simple steps to access the kits today:

  1. Launch Citrix Marketing Concierge using your Citrix credentials
  2. Select Campaign Center and filter by key play “Networking: ADC”
  3. Choose your preferred “kit” – email or Webinar-in-a-box – and you’re good to go!

All things networking

The great news is there’s definitely no shortage of networking marketing materials that you can use today to address customer challenges and start pipeline building conversations. You can view all available campaigns under the “networking” filter and begin launching your own, customized campaigns in seconds.

If you’re looking for more information specific to the networking key plays, take a look at these great new pages in Citrix SalesIQ dedicated to key play materials. In these pages you’ll find the enablement materials you need to help support your key play sales discussions, whichever stage of the cycle you’re at.

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