Beginning September 1st, students in most Citrix Education classes will have access to our new, HTML5-based eCourseware solution (with the remaining courses being added as the year progresses). In fact, any student who has in the past taken one of the courses we are launching with will have access. The content is visual, full-color, and interactive:

As the blog title suggests, our goal is not to replace paper, but to offer a solution that is better than paper.  That may sound simple, but paper is really good at a lot of things: it’s mobile, easy to share, lets you take notes and highlight, and has excellent battery life.

So, how do we beat paper? In our initial release, you will be able to:

  • Access your eCourseware from any modern browser, including mobile devices.
  • Add notes to any heading in the course; your notes will appear wherever you access your eCourseware.
  • Search for keywords, browse the full table of contents, or jump to page sections quickly and easily.
  • Complete interactive quiz questions and other activities.
  • Receive content updates automatically.

Note taking, shown here, was our most-requested feature.

We are also including a variety of interactive question types that provide students with immediate feedback, as shown here:

However, note-taking and quizzes alone aren’t really paper-beating features, you know? But don’t think for a second that we are stopping there. We are working on new features and cross-device experiences to help you retain what you learn in class, study for exams, and most importantly, apply what you learned on the job. We are inspired by sites like Kahoot!, Treehouse, CodeAcademy, and Thinkful – even this amazing site by Lexus (seriously, that Lexus site is incredible!).

By leveraging web and mobile technologies, we have the opportunity to revitalize the classroom experience in ways similar to Google Classrooms or the Khan Academy. It is an exciting time to be building—and taking—training from Citrix.