Many companies today are transitioning to what they are calling a “mobile first” initiative. At first glance, this makes sense considering the surging amount of smartphones and tablets entering the market today. But take a step back and look at how people are actually using these devices. If you are anything like me, you still need a keyboard and mouse to do majority of your work. Yes, I read and respond to emails on my phone. Yes, I’ll play around with a presentation on my tablet. But at the end of the day, I still do most of my work on my laptop.

Taking a look at some of the latest quarterly numbers and it is clear that tablets are approaching saturation and the news of the death of the PC has been greatly exaggerated. The new reality isn’t Post-PC, it’s not mobile first, it’s “me first.”

What is “me first”?

It’s bringing my own devices, my own applications, working when I want to work, where I want to work. End users are more sophisticated than ever, more demanding than ever and resourceful than ever. IT needs to wake up to this new reality. IT needs to become an enabler not a naysayer.

Not coincidentally, this sounds a lot like what mobile workspaces make possible. Mobile workspaces provide highly personalized content to individuals wherever they are, on the devices of their choice. And that is what attracted me to Citrix. Citrix is all about managing and delivering applications, data and services in a simple and flexible way. Giving people the flexibility and agility that they demand while providing IT with the compliance and controls they require. And that’s what I think Citrix understands better than any other company in the industry – vendors need to provide great customer experiences to both businesses and people.

Now, Citrix isn’t there yet – in truth, no company may ever get there. After all, the goal line is always shifting. But Citrix is a company dedicated to reaching for that goal line, even as that line continues to move. My objective at Citrix is to reach for the stars and help us continue pushing forward to transform IT.

And just like at my previous job at IDC, I’ll be on the lookout for ways to enhance the Citrix experience, improve our existing solutions, and help develop new solutions that will help our customers more easily deliver secure workspaces to their employees.  Now I’ll just be doing it from the inside.

It’s not going to be easy to constantly innovate in such a rapidly evolving market, especially as other companies are imitating you. But if it was, it wouldn’t be as much fun!