Tim Cook was recently quoted saying that he uses his iPad for about 80% of his work. There are many other knowledge workers as well who do more and more of there work from an iPad or other Tablet. This phenomena has certainly slowed the growth of laptops and stagnated the desktop market, however for most users the iPad still has remaining obstacles. Is it possible to get the other 20% of your work done from an iPad? What do you find as an obstacle ?

Some of these issues can be addressed with solutions like XenDesktop and Receiver for accessing Windows apps or published browsers for web apps with browser requirements. Multi-Tasking is also possible between local and remote XenApp hosted apps, however For the time working from a desk ( 20%+ ) a larger display is a requirement. The current options to dock the iPad with an external HDMI Monitor is an option although simple mirroring of the display is limited. Also touch based apps are great for mobile and lean back positions, but when upright at a desk for long hours, a real mouse is still a requirement. Let us know what it would take for you to get all your work done from an iPad. How much of that is solvable with software, or are new hardware and docks required to make it reality ?