More than 1,000 eDocs users from around the world recently participated in a survey created by the Citrix Information Experience team to better understand users’ product documentation needs. 

We’re serious about delivering the content you need when you need it — so serious that we’re redesigning the site to better suit your needs. The survey is one piece in the larger redesign puzzle that’s centered on our customers, and this blog will bring you some of the highlights.

Users from 80 countries in fields such as IT, health care, government, financial services, manufacturing and more, responded to questions that apply to product documentation across the entire Citrix product portfolio, spanning website functionality to content improvement.

Forty-two percent of the survey participants spend more than 75 percent of their workday on tasks related to Citrix products, and 18 percent spend between 51 and 75 percent of their day on Citrix-related tasks, so we know how important quality Citrix technical documentation is for helping our customers get their job done.

The most requested website improvement for eDocs, which gets about 2 million page views a month, is search, specifically the ability to search by product and version. The second-most-requested improvement is the ability to search across all Citrix sites, such as blogs and Knowledge Center articles, so users can get all the information they need in one place.

Regarding the content on eDocs, best practices are the most requested, followed by example deployments, architecture diagrams, examples for specific configurations, and explanations of how product features work.

The type of content of most importance to our readers is text-based content, followed by graphics (deployment and architecture diagrams, infographics, etc.), and examples. Other types participants wrote in a comments field include “odd configuration workarounds,” “getting accurate information before product release,” “Visio diagrams of product interoperability,” and “complete installation video, end to end of Citrix product.”

A good survey wouldn’t be complete without a prize! One participant, Ankur Khare, was selected at random to win a $100 gift card as a token of our appreciation.

Thank you to all our survey participants, as well as the customers who’ve spent some one-on-one time reviewing prototypes and giving us ideas. Your feedback is the blueprint for our redesign. 

We will be publishing more blogs in the near future that are focused specifically on content quality, and we’d love your feedback. To participate in any upcoming eDocs research sessions, leave us a comment or send us a tweet @citrixedocs.