But not by email! It seems an awful lot of people spotted a small press release last week announcing we are taking registrations for our tech preview of Linux Desktops for Citrix XenDesktop. If you missed it then you can read the full details here, there is also a link to the REGISTRATION PAGE in the press release.

An awful lot of you clearly didn’t miss this fairly low key announcement made last Thursday, because by Friday lunchtime my inbox had gone crazy full of people emailing wanting to take part. I’m not at all sure how some of these folks knew that I was part of the Product Management team around this project, but even though that is true, I can’t fast track you! I can’t bump you up the list! And nice as they are the freebie offers wouldn’t be ethical!! You really do have to use the REGISTRATION PAGE, did I mention that you can find it HERE 😉

Please do note on the REGISTRATION PAGE if you are a customer with an existing relationship etc. However it’s worth bearing in mind that we are hoping to cover a broad set of user cases and target specific cases in groups:

  • Linux users looking to virtualise physical systems
  • Existing XenDesktop and XenApp users or XenApp for Unix users
  • A wider range of sectors and industries
  • A range of company sizes

Why didn’t we just run a public tech preview? By limiting a tech preview and running it in phases we can ensure that we offer those involved support and full feedback opportunities. This type of iterative feedback and development model has proved very useful in ensuring that we take an increasingly agile approach to product development at Citrix. It was the same approach we took with the hugely successful NVIDIA vGPU feature development. Having been involved in that project too, I have to say it’s a very valuable part of the development process and reveals factors and use cases that no technical development specification can cover. It was also enormous fun and fascinating. Phasing these tech previews allows us to adapt as corner cases or new use cases come to light.

I’m quite excited about this one, having worked on XenServer and with Citrix’s huge investment in the Linux ecosystem and projects like Xen.org we are incredibly well placed to do Linux well and have staff already skilled and experienced. Our experience with Linux OS vendors, XenApp for UNIX, Linux thin clients and non-windows receivers makes us ideally placed to deliver Linux VDI.

So if you want to take part – REGISTER HERE…… don’t email me, you need to be on the official registration list!