An AMD Graphics Card

As we know, Citrix has been focused towards developing software solutions to deliver rich applications for customers who run graphically intensive applications like CAD and other 3D based applications. Thanks to XenDesktop HDX and XenServer 6.2 combined solution, we are providing an experience as good as or often better than the physical workstation experience. Even the most intense and demanding graphical applications can be virtualized because of the underlying support from beasty graphic cards which are optimized for the processing of these apps! Thankfully, we have some really good and cost-effective solutions provided by AMD for Citrix XenApp which let us do exactly that.

AMD is one of the preferred options for XenApp GPU-sharing. Citrix Technology Professional (CTP), Thomas Poppelgaard has frequently presented the benefits of AMD GPUs for XenApp, you can watch a video here.

It’s not just GPU accelerated graphics – AMD are virtualization experts!

AMD is involved in developing key cutting edge technologies enabling cloud and virtualization solutions beyond GPUs and have a strong optimized and integrated solutions with server manufacturers. AMD is way more than just a GPU vendor:

  • AMD has invested heavily in delivering some really good thin client solutions in collaboration with Dell Wyse, certified Citrix Ready with XenDesktop and XenApp solutions. I’m currently part of the Citrix Ready Technical Marketing Team who tests and verifies thin-clients and GPUs, and I look forward to working with Dell and AMD equipment, as it is always cutting edge.
  • AMD has a strong relationship with Dell and a lot of experience in high performance CAD and graphics. AMD and Dell were demonstrating some super cards having 6 monitor support with their FirePro cards at Develop3D Live earlier this year, check it out here!
  • AMD’s 64-bit Opteron-X processor is empowering HP’s Moonshot solutions, a quad core APU SOC chip with an integrated 128-core Radeon HD 8000 GPU. This processor is the 11W-22W Opteron X2150, which runs at up to 1.9GHz and has 2MB of level-2 cache. To know more, do check out this blog from our WW Alliances architect Tony Sanchez who has very clinically profiled for us this ground-breaking solution. If you are among those who are interested in more server profiles, you may refer to my previous blogs on GPU-enabled Cisco, IBM, Dell, HP and Supermicro servers. I also talk about the Citrix certification criteria with hypervisors.
  • AMD is experienced with the whole portfolio of Citrix solutions including XenServer, XenApp and XenClient. Citrix XenApp is hypervisor agnostic and AMD GPU-sharing is available on both the VMware and XenServer hypervisors as well as for Physical (bare-metal), with AMD GPU options available for these platforms.
  • You can checkout  verified GPU’s available for XenApp for XenServer, here; such as the FirePro W7000, specifically designed for high-end professional CAD and graphics. A great card for applications such as Solidworks, with a remarkable competitive price.

VMware also support AMD GPUs for use with vSphere/ESX, one of the hypervisor platform available for XenApp and XenDesktop.

Dell Wyse on AMD Solution at Citrix Synergy

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