At Citrix, we love competition, both internally and externally. While all companies want to be king of their kingdom, the reality is that competition makes us all better – it is great for our customers, partners and ourselves. However, imitation and competition are two very different things. When it comes to technology, one keeps the market standing still, while the other pushes it forward. It is often said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. And after reviewing VMware’s new announcement of Workspace Suite, all I can say is that all of us at Citrix are extremely flattered.

While today’s announcement did not move the market forward, it did leave customers looking at two products with the same name trying to understand the differences. Let me be clear. While the names may be the same, Citrix’s leadership in desktop, apps, mobility, and enterprise file sync and share is far from matched by VMware. To their point, our “best of breed” technologies in each of these areas make Citrix stand apart.

With the two Workspace Suite solutions, both companies include their desktop and app virtualization solutions, enterprise mobility management solutions and some form of enterprise file sync and share. But that is where the similarities end. So, let’s focus on the differences:

  • No other vendor has market-leading technologies in every area required to deliver workspace infrastructure: Citrix Workspace Suite includes XenDesktop Platinum, XenMobile Enterprise and ShareFile Enterprise. All of these technologies are leaders in their respective markets as shown here and here. This puts Citrix in the unique position of being able to deliver customers the most comprehensive workspace delivery infrastructure and apps on the market. Our competition certainly cannot say that.
  • No other vendor includes networking, a key aspect for workspace delivery. For organizations going mobile, they know that the network is probably the most important area of focus as people turn away from the corporate LAN and move to WANs, Wi-FI, and 3G/4G networks. These people require secure, optimized access to intranet resources while they are outside the office. Not an easy feat. Citrix Workspace Suite includes aspects of NetScaler to ensure people always have access to the resources they need, wherever they are. In addition, for those people who work in branch offices, Citrix Workspace Suite includes CloudBridge to ensure all applications are accelerated for the best possible experience. Our competition requires a multiple-vendor solution to bring this essential aspect to customers.
  • No other vendor understands apps – both Windows and mobile. Citrix understands that as people go mobile, their apps must always be available. But, availability is only one piece of the puzzle. People want beautiful apps that make life easier. They want apps that just work, that with a single click enable them to join a meeting or send a file. They want business-class productivity apps that are designed to get work done quickly. Citrix Worx Mobile Apps do just this – and they are included in Citrix Workspace Suite. And, while I am on the topic of apps, Citrix Workspace Suite also includes AppDNA – tools to help ensure that as Windows migrations happen, your apps can follow. As for the competition, well, they have no answer.
  • No other vendor can bring the level of integration required for today’s workforce. Bringing together individual technologies is good, but integrating them to create a comprehensive solution is better. Citrix has been doing this for years with a unified client that enables access to Windows, SaaS, web, and mobile apps from any device. But that is the easy part. Take for example, Citrix ShareFile integration with XenApp and XenDesktop, core technologies in Workspace Suite.  ShareFile on-demand sync is unique in the industry and it’s specifically designed for pooled and hosted shared virtual desktop environments.  The way it works is seamless for end users.  When users click File…Open in applications like Microsoft Word, they will see all their data just as they would expect. When they access a document, it is downloaded and cached locally from the ShareFile cloud or from ShareFile on-premises storage.  For IT, this simple functionality is a huge improvement because only a few kilobytes of metadata are synchronized and the file is only pulled into the virtual desktop session when the users are directly accessing the file.  On-demand sync drastically cuts network load, bandwidth requirements and storage costs for a virtual desktop environment. Other examples include the integration between Worx Mobile Apps for all activities such as attaching a document from ShareFile to any email or clicking on a meeting link in an email and automatically joining a meeting – both via web and phone. This level of integration isn’t available with the competition.
  • Citrix allows customers to leverage their existing investments – not throw them out. We want our customers to be successful as they become a mobile business. However, most businesses have some mobility tools already in place. That’s great! So with Citrix Workspace Suite, customer’s can trade up their existing Citrix technologies to get the market leading mobile workspace solution. Our competitors disagree. They want customers to start over – throw away the existing implementation they have – as there is “no upgrade to Workspace Suite at this time.” For VMware customers, use this time to take advantage of our 50% off Citrix Workspace Suite – we will ensure your success!

And VMware customers won’t be alone as Citrix Workspace Suite has thousands of customers today. These customers chose Citrix because it was truly an end-to-end solution that doesn’t require 3rd party solutions to make it work.

Customers shouldn’t need “bravery” to select their mobility solution. They need assurance that their solutions will meet their needs. And thankfully, Citrix Workspace Suite is that solution. So, while VMware gave it the old college try today, there is no beating the original.