It’s VMWorld time again and yes, even we here within the Citrix Cloud Platforms Group are getting ready to attend the conference, where this year I will be helping to staff the Citrix booth in the expo hall.

To change things up a little, this year I will be sharing a demo pod with the NetScaler team and will be talking about and demonstrating cloud auto scale with Citrix CloudPlatform and NetScaler technologies.

Now just in case you are not familiar with the Citrix NetScaler products for any reason, all you need to know is that they rock!

In all seriousness, Citrix NetScaler with TriScale technology is the industry’s most advanced cloud networking platform, optimizing the delivery of applications and services making them run 10x better by offloading app and database servers, accelerating app and service performance, and by integrating app visibility and security. Citrix NetScaler is available in three form factors – hardware based MPX and SDX platforms and software based VPX, all running the same comprehensive NetScaler feature set.

CloudPlatform offers simple, turn-key cloud orchestration and is able to handle all workload types within your organisation. It’s no wonder that we have over 250 customers with production clouds using our technology! It is even more amazing when you consider some of those have up to 40,000 hosts within a single region! That’s no typo folks, 40,000 hosts!

This isn’t technology that’s limited to any particular customer size, vertical or market. Yes, we have some service provider & telco customers running huge public clouds, but in the enterprise space, customers are seeking those same benefits the service providers have been leveraging for years; an efficient way to scale and manage infrastructure workloads. Some of these scale-up workloads might be a little different from those in public clouds, in part due to the way in which enterprise “traditional” applications have been written over the years to expect infrastructure resilience, but that’s why those customers love CloudPlatform, as it’s so easy customise your cloud to manage all types of workload, however large or small, for the needs of your applications.

If your IT infrastructure struggles to meet the unpredictable demand placed on its websites, perhaps when your business promotes new products for example, that can be damaging to your corporate brand. Auto scaling can help manage that load, with NetScaler high-speed load balancing, SSL acceleration and GSLB of your web and application traffic.

With auto scale technology, Citrix NetScalers are able to monitor cloud workload performance. If needs be, CloudPlatform can automatically provision new instances to scale out and distribute the load further. This isn’t a one way process either, as scaling back can also be built into your cloud design!

What to know more and see a demo? Come along to our booth #1940 at the back right of the #VMWorld expo hall and ask for either me or Dave Potter from the NetScaler team.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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