Let me cut to the chase: as part of our Service Provider Center of Excellence, Citrix has just completed a comprehensive global survey of our growing Citrix Service Provider partners, “Desktops-as-a-Service Global Market Trends: The Service Provider Perspective.[click to tweet link]

Speaking for the entire team, we hope that the partner data we’ve collected dispels the tons of hype and speculation about the hosted mobile workspace and Desktops-as-a-Service (DaaS) markets. Our new research definitively indicates that the opportunities are strong, growing, and delivering high value both to service providers and end user customers.

I’m also proud of the industry leadership both Citrix and our partners are commanding through the sheer numbers of service provider partners, their global presence, the quantity of installed-base DaaS users, and the exceptional value industry-specific business-ready hosted desktops are delivering today.

DaaS Market: Facts not FUD

I’ll say it again: the DaaS market size continues to grow – driven primarily by smaller businesses looking to outsource their mobile workspaces, but also by larger enterprises expressing interest as well.

Not surprisingly, within the survey the team found Citrix Service Providers are

  • anticipating growth in DaaS services (87%)  [click to tweet]
  • interested in virtualization choice (breakdown: 47% VMware, 29% Hyper-V, 23% XenServer) [click to tweet]
  • increasing interest in using public clouds as a deployment platform (20% today, 39% in 12 months) [click to tweet] 
  • looking to provide high-value business-ready mobile workspaces beyond simple empty desktops [click to tweet]

As the Citrix Service Provider partner base matures, the team is committed to also maturing the resources we provide as part of the Citrix Service Provider Center of Excellence. In a recent study of the top 10 resources provided from the Center of Excellence, we found service providers tapping resources not just for technical needs, but also for business transformation, marketing and sales training.

Citrix Service Providers: Capabilities not Commodities

Perhaps the most telling findings show how many service providers are pursuing business-ready services – that is, hosted workspaces focusing on line-of-business applications, data sharing, device management and more.   Citrix Service Providers are succeeding in numerous vertical markets including financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, construction/architecture, and more.

But most important, Citrix Service Providers want to provide real business value capabilities to customers by developing offers that appeal to the line-of-business user.  Their business is not about how inexpensive commodity-hosted infrastructure can be. In fact, take a look at the numerous case study examples of what Citrix based DaaS is in-market. If you are business, this may cause you to reconsider using a DaaS provider. And, if you are a Managed Service Provider, this may convince you to move into even higher-value markets with the help of Citrix technology

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