Citrix Cloud Works… is the latest in a series of webinars brought to you by the Citrix cloud team to show you how simple Citrix CloudPlatform is to deploy, its range of supported workloads, its open and flexible architecture and its ease of use by both IT and end-users.

In our last Citrix Cloud Works… webinar, Citrix Cloud Works…with the new IT reality (now on-demand), we showed the top 5 do’s and don’ts when choosing a cloud platform.

In this upcoming session, we will take a look at how you can easily deploy and manage private enterprise clouds. We hear a lot from our customers about the IT need for a simpler way to manage their geographically distributed compute, network and storage infrastructure.

Citrix CloudPlatform enables the consolidation of disparate infrastructures into one common management plane. A common management plane offers many benefits for the automation and provisioning of your resources, which in turn, enables your business to be more agile and to reduce costs.

IT Administrators gain a holistic view of resources using either the Citrix CloudPlatform web interface or working directly with its APIs. Administrators can provision, view, and manage the cloud infrastructure inclusive of domains, user accounts, projects and configuration settings. The included Citrix CloudPlatform Management Server is built to scale out along with the underlying resources, and can manage tens of thousands of servers within a single region and from a single pane of glass.

CloudPlatform is designed to work within your environment, leveraging your existing infrastructure or allowing you to choose best of breed servers, storage and networking components. CloudPlatform supports all major hypervisors, a large number of storage options and comprehensive networking, including the ability to directly interact with a number of virtual and physical networking components.

Here’s what a few of our customers are saying about Citrix CloudPlatform.

BT can manage infrastructure/datacenters across 4 continents with one interface.

“Citrix CloudPlatform gives us enormous agility to support multiple datacenters around the world through a single pane of glass.”

— John Gillam, CTO BT Compute Global Portfolio

Because of the demand for more choice, flexibility and improved cloud management, SoftLayer set out to build a flexible private cloud solution.

“We have customers with fairly large server deployments, hundreds or even thousands of physical servers or virtual machines and they were creating their own management tools, because they lacked an efficient method for managing their cloud.”

— Nathan Day, Chief Scientist at SoftLayer

Join us on Aug. 21 for a technical deep-dive on how to easily deploy and manage private enterprise production clouds.

In this webcast you will learn about…

• Core capabilities and feature highlights from the latest release of Citrix CloudPlatform
• Building an enterprise private cloud with a step-by-step demonstration
• Host, hypervisor, storage and networking considerations within private cloud use cases
• Creating tailored availability zones for traditional workloads

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