In Germany we see ourselves as a country full of poets and thinkers. Where some of you may disagree with the poets, you can’t disagree with us being thinkers. I honestly don’t see us as poets nowadays too. I see Germany as a country full of engineers and thinkers. That was the reason we wanted to do a little Roadshow for our partners working with this outstanding Citrix XenDesktop HDX 3D Pro technology called vGPU. 3D graphics is a big thing in Germany and so the interest and need for some best practices and open discussions was very high. Citrix is helping drive freeing users from workstations so technicians on production lines can pull up engineering diagrams on mobile tablets.

In Germany we lead the world in Automotive, Aerospace and Engineering, and Citrix is a world leader in developing a full portfolio of technologies suitable for engineers and designers using CAD/AEC/CAE and PLM/PDM; read more here. There are also some great engineering case studies on our blogs, such as SpaceX and Gulfstream; read more here.

So back in ….. My peer Ronald Grass and I set up an agenda and went on a roadtrip to visit partners and understand our customers‘ needs containing:

  •  XenServer Best Practices
  • XenServer Roadmap
  • vGPU use cases
  • vGPU handling
  • vGPU performance
  • vGPU troubleshooting
  • vGPU Demo

We had stops in Munich, Karlsruhe, Düsseldorf, Hamburg and Schaffhausen. Vienna is still to come.

The outcome were a lot of good discussions and use cases.

Because vGPU is so much more then 3D Graphics, it is 2D graphics, it is for power users working with Powerpoint, web designer, education and everyone using more then wordpad… Germany leads in engineering software and partners have been instrumental in working with Citrix’s HDX team and NVIDIA’s driver development teams to optimise traditional applications for virtualisation, you can read about our work with Siemens PLM to certify NX and TeamCenter, here and with SAP, here.

Just today I spoke to a partner and he told how great vGPU and XenDesktop is for his business. With this amazing technology they sell a lot of POC’s and complete solutions to our customers.

The tour was so successful that we plan to repeat it in the future. However, demand proved so great that we plan to repeat part of our presentation at the Citrix Tech Exchange, Munich, 21-22 October 2014, where around 1000 Citrix customers, partners and staff will be on hand to showcase our complete solutions. Do look out for Roland and me!

If you are a partner or customer and you want to learn more about vGPU, but can’t make the Munich Technical Exchange, or want a preview; I encourage you watching the recordings of our latest HDX Master Class (available here) and/or talk to your Citrix contact.

Citrix is popular in Germany and we have a strong local team and you will find some blogs in German (such as Christian’s, here) and lots German speaking staff. The demand for user events is so high that there is also a Germanic speaking user group launched recently to organise independent local events, details here.