Where does it make sense to deploy a Microsoft and Citrix-based Desktops-as-a-Service (DaaS) solution? Where does it not?  Hundreds of thousands of subscribers are already taking advantage of the better together story as Citrix and Microsoft continue to collectively evolve our technologies.

With Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 and System Center, plus Citrix XenApp, CloudPortal Services Manager, Application Orchestration and NetScaler, the two companies have combined the best technologies in the world to deliver application-based DaaS to any device, on any network.

In my discussions with Microsoft just last week in Redmond, we came to understand that our scalability is also second to none. This scalability is critical as we begin to roll out Citrix and Microsoft-based DaaS solutions to large Telcos and Cable companies.  By adding Citrix XenMobile to the mix, we have created a much higher value proposition evolving the story to mobile workspaces beyond the desktop.

Partners and end users saw this commitment at Citrix Synergy in May, with a tremendous video from Brad Anderson, Microsoft Corporate Vice-President, Cloud and Enterprise.


What differentiates the Citrix and Microsoft-based DaaS solution from others in the market?

Customers!  Because Citrix and Microsoft have developed a tested architecture based on Microsoft’s platform, we know what performance characteristics to expect in the field.

Microsoft engineers have spent countless hours with Citrix to define and test this world class solution both in the labs and at partner data centers. This means in every implementation we can pre-determine the success of the operation and define the relative cost savings to the service provider up front.  As the volumes increase, the combined stack produces a lower cost per user, resulting in higher partner margins.

Citrix has always been focused on the end user experience for published applications and desktops, setting the standard for virtual computing today.  Applications are critical in forming a powerful remote desktop environment.  In most cases this includes Microsoft hosted Office as the basis for business productivity applications.  Building on this solution creates a higher value proposition for service providers to their end users.  In service provider terms, that means a higher Average Revenue per User (ARPU) and lower churn.

Citrix and Microsoft-based DaaS: in use by actual service providers everyday

With over 2,600 partners in market, every Citrix Service Provider is also a Microsoft SPLA partner.  This provides two key elements for the service provider: 1) cohesiveness in program dynamics and 2) the strength of brand behind the two companies who developed DaaS from the ground up.

At Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference last July, the Citrix Service Provider team spoke with service providers from six continents. DaaS is real – and it’s global. Citrix Service Providers conduct businesses from L.A. to London, Frankfurt to Sydney and all points in between.

Microsoft and Citrix… a force to be reckoned with in the cloud.

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