Just a quick blog to highlight a free Citrix/Dell/Forrester webinar “Advanced 3D graphics goes mobile” coming up this week on Wednesday August 13th 2014. I think this one should be interesting as it will cover the mobility and business benefits of virtualising 3D graphics. The involvement of Dell should be valuable too as Dell are an OEM who have invested in working with graphical software vendors and really understand how hardware needs to be designed for graphical loads, you can read more about Dell here. The live Q&A should be a great opportunity to ask your own questions too!

Advanced 3D graphics goes mobile

August 13, 2014
Live: 9am ET / 3pm CEST. Register now.

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Forrester’s data and research shows that most companies who consider hosted virtual desktops as an option do so to save money or to improve manageability and security. But thanks to technology developments in the last 12-18 months, there is another very compelling reason: to enable engineers, designers, and other manufacturing and industrial professionals to work in ways that was not possible until now. By offloading advanced 3D graphics and rendering capabilities to high performance datacenter hardware, users no longer need to be chained to a graphics workstation and benefit from improved application performance.  Now they have the freedom to work with lighter, more mobile devices from more locations, while IT benefits from better manageability and information security. This webinar, hosted by Citrix and featuring David K. Johnson of Forrester Research, will explore this emerging technology in more detail.

In addition, Yvonne Dresser, Senior Product Marketing Manager of Citrix and Rishi Manocha, Head, Workstation Virtualization Marketing of Dell will share real-world examples of how virtualizing 3D graphics have helped companies make their designers and engineers more productive while reducing workstation hardware costs.  This will be followed by a live Q&A session with all the presenters.

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Featured speaker:
David K. Johnson
Principal Analyst
Forrester Research