Nick Rintalan and I recently presented several sessions at another successful BriForum conference.  One of the topics of frequent discussion at the conference was how to deliver VDI successfully on a large scale and whether to use persistent or non-persistent desktops.  Unfortunately, customers too often think VDI simply means taking that old clunky, difficult to manage and unreliable physical desktop and cramming it into a VM in the data center.  After watching many customers do this, I can honestly say that persistent VDI has become the devil in the data center! Persistent VDI has major issues that burn customers who try to roll it out on a large scale (think tens of thousands of desktops)!

I am happy to say that there is a much better way to deliverer fast, reliable and cost effective VDI using non-persistent desktops.  I have helped many customers roll out large VDI environments consisting of tens of thousands of VMs from a single data center and every customer that has done it successfully has used the non-persistent VDI model.

As we help customers roll out large scale VDI deployments, we keep seeing the same two barriers that affect large scale VDI adoption.

  • Reducing the IOPS and storage resources required for VDI
  • Eliminating the need for Persistent Desktops (solving the application challenge)

I am happy to announce that the first challenge associated with IOPS has now forever been resolved for XenDesktop customers using new technology in Citrix Provisioning Services (PVS) 7.1.  Using just a little RAM and a pure software solution we can now fully eliminate the need to purchase any additional hardware or software in order to reduce the IOPS consumption of VDI.  With PVS 7.1 we can reduce the average IOPS per Windows desktop VM to less than 1!!!  So, storage is no longer a barrier to adopting VDI. For more details on this ground breaking capability you can check out the following two blog articles written by myself and Miguel Contreras.

Turbo Charging Your IOPS with PVS Part 1

Turbo Charging Your IOPS with PVS Part 2

You can also check out Nick Rintalan’s summary of our new IOPS killing feature as well as a webinar that he delivered recently at the following links.

Citrix Puts Storage on Notice

PVS & MCS Webinar

For more details on how to solve the application challenge associated with non-persistent VDI as well as a more in-depth summary of our BriForum session, please check out the guest blog that I wrote on recently on the Brian Madden web site!  After reading this article on Brian Madden you will learn how you can deliver non-persistent VDI with the same personal application experience plus better performance and availability than persistent desktops!

Brian Madden Article


Dan Allen