ShutdownPlus Rolling Restart is enterprise software that manages restarts or power-cycles on Citrix XenApp® and XenDesktop® server farms without impacting end users. By using different restart schedules (single or multiple queued, simultaneously, or individually), the software can replicate a company’s existing schedule, or administrators can design new ones. This flexibility allows the software to match any company’s business needs.

Servers are organized into groups on a central console, with each group having its own unique restart schedule. Rolling Restart is not a script or a policy, so it avoids their inherent problems and limited functionality. Visual feedback, along with email status notifications, eliminate server and end-user babysitting. Rolling Restart’s patented and patent-pending technology performs necessary pre-restart checks with monitoring threads and feedback loops, making it a comprehensive end-to-end restart management solution for the simplest to the most complex of environments. Adding to Rolling Restart’s ease of use is its Farm Configuration Wizard, which calculates how many groups and servers per group the software needs to ensure all servers get restarted within the timeframe.

Trusted and used by companies worldwide, Rolling Restart protects a company’s Citrix hardware, software, and infrastructure investment with certified and supported restart management software.

WM Software is a Citrix Partner. More information about the product is found at the Citrix Ready Xchange Marketplace.

ShutdownPlus® Rolling Restart® is verified and to be compatible with:

  • XenApp: 7.5, 6.5, 6.0, 5.0 64-bit and 5.0 32-bit
  • XenDesktop: 7.0
  • XenServer: 6.2, 6.1, 6.0