As Enterprise IT evolves to adapt a more user-centric IT model that still meets appropriate security and compliance policies, the two most important metrics to measure the success of a particular product or service are Adoption and Active Use.  Whether your organization has a centralized IT department who buys for the whole organization or a de-centralized group that allows departments to directly purchase IT products and services to meet their unique workflows, every buyer wants to ensure that what they purchase is being successfully deployed to their users.

At Citrix there is a small group of customer-dedicated ShareFile product specialists and engineers that focus on assisting buyers of ShareFile to maximize their ROI through driving adoption and active use.  This group is commonly known as the Success Management team and works directly with customers, partners and internal Citrix stakeholders in assigned accounts to provide best practice guidance from implementation planning and product launch, to product training for administrators, service desk and end users.   During the implementation phase Success Managers work with customers and partners including our internal Citrix Consulting Services to provide best practices around planning for adoption and active use right out of the gate with your product launch.  After launch and training has been completed Success Managers meet no less than quarterly with customer stakeholders to review current metrics and strategize for increased ROI.

Not all customers work with the Success Management program, but ALL customers can leverage these quick tips for a self-service approach to driving adoption and healthy active use:

Consider the User Experience throughout the Implementation

It’s easy for implementations to become more about the vast security controls available than solving for the intended use case but the simple truth is if you don’t keep the use case workflows at the front of the conversation the end user experience will suffer leading to lower adoption.  Establish a champion group with which you can test iteratively as you layer on your security controls and harden the implementation for the global deployment.  Listen to them, get them engaged.  This same group can also serve as your go-live gurus when you do your full launch.

Enable your Employees

You spend months evaluating services, going through an RFP process and working across IT groups to get the solution implemented and rolled out.  Now what?  Establish a communication plan to communicate why and how an employee should use the service.  Consider scheduling training sessions, create easy to consume documentation such as videos and tutorials that are gamified or fun.  Empower your IT service desk to support the end users questions, and basic troubleshooting and you will be well on your way to a successful deployment.

Create Ownership and Executive Sponsorship

Often times IT is the owner of a service and they may not always know the specific workflows of the global sales force for example or how the design team communicates with vendors.  By having a product champion who has executive sponsorship you have a force in the organization that is responsible for expanding use cases to new departments and working across departments finding new workflows.  Cloud based services like ShareFile also innovate rapidly so your product champion can help drive a strategy for leveraging these product enhancements and new features.

Self Service Guide to ShareFile ROI

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