For the past two decades Citrix has been in the application delivery business, it is what we are known for.  Our customers deliver millions of applications – Windows, Web, SaaS or Cloud – to their employees and their customers. Some of the world’s largest clouds are powered by Citrix NetScaler, providing capabilities that smartly and affordably scale application and service delivery infrastructures without additional complexity.

Our integration with the Cisco ACI architecture furthers our leadership in cloud networking. Together with Citrix NetScaler, Cisco ACI delivers business and application agility and enables both companies to move towards an age of the enlightened infrastructure uniting the application and the underlying network. Citrix NetScaler is a key component of the recently shipping ACI infrastructure.

So what value does ACI bring to enterprise datacenters?

ACI delivers a centralized fabric control and automation framework capable of juggling application policies:  This framework allows resources to be dynamically provisioned and configured based on application requirements, thereby core services such as application delivery and firewalls can be used by applications in an automated, repeatable and simple fashion. Application services such as load balancing and firewall that have an affinity to applications can automatically be inserted based on the policy.

In a recent chat with Chiara Regale, Director, Product Management at Cisco, she had the following to say about our partnership:

New user needs and shifting application requirements impose demands on data center and cloud infrastructure requiring a transformative new approach that is simple, more agile and application centric. Cisco delivers innovative Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) and Application Policy Infrastructure Controller (APIC), and a transformational operational model for next-generation datacenter and cloud applications, redefining the power of IT. The technology integration between Cisco ACI and Citrix NetScaler provides a central point of control on Cisco APIC with automated service life cycle for NetScaler, physical and virtual appliances, thus reducing the complexity of managing multiple control points. By loading NetScaler device package on Cisco APIC, customers are now able to optimize service delivery and seamlessly bring the best of cloud networking to their data centers.

How can customers take advantage of Cisco ACI and Citrix NetScaler?

An ADC service such as Citrix NetScaler can be automatically inserted based on the application policy via Cisco APIC, particularly with virtual LAN overlays, massive scale and multi-tenancy can be tied in easily. NetScaler customers benefit from investment protection. Cisco ACI is fully compatible with existing NetScaler deployments and deployment models.  Customers benefit from visibility and statistics across the network and ADC services and can benefit from a central point of control – one place in the network to control all of the functions that the network delivers.  Application teams can focus on application policies and the network can manage their provisioning and deployment.
Customers that adopt the ACI architecture are at a cutting edge of this movement towards the enlightened infrastructure delivered by Citrix and Cisco. One of the greatest advantages of our collaboration is the multiple integration points we have with Cisco in our integration with Nexus 1000v and 7000. Both Citrix and Cisco customers can benefit from the scale and agility that NetScaler brings from its cloud deployments to enterprise datacenter environments. Moreover, Citrix NetScaler, along with XenApp XenDesktop and XenMobile, is a key component of Citrix mobile workspaces infrastructure,  truly enabling application agility in a cloud era.