Tim Mackey has an interesting blog about XenServer out, soliciting reader opinions on how they would invest in that product. It’s a fascinating read and I recommend being nosy and reading it here.

Last week I had a long debate with some of the CTPs (Citrix Technology Professionals) on where we should prioritise investment in XenDesktop and HDX 3D Pro. One CTP feels really strongly that online documentation for certain APIs should be a super-high priority and it struck me that Tim’s feedback request from readers was the perfect way to widen the question.

The XenServer team have asked users to use an investment model:

  • “Internally we use a “How would you spend $100?” model to prioritize changes, and if you were interested in providing feedback following that model, it would be ideal. If you’ve never used this model before, it’s pretty simple. Write down the things you’d want to see (optionally with a “why” beside them), and then given a budget of $100. Spend the $100 by allocating it to your desired functionality, and anything with a zero is removed. This has the benefit of focusing on the high value changes without worrying about complexity. If you’d like to provide input, please do so in the comments section below

As a Product Manager for Citrix XenDesktop and XenApp specialising in HDX and the HDX 3D Pro portfolio, I would be fascinated to hear our customers and partners opinions. Tim’s blog to some extent encouraged investment in features and functionality but I’d be interest in a broader investment portfolio.

I’d be interested to hear where customers and partners think we should invest in:

  • New product features?
  • Better documentation, more how-to-webinars/YouTube videos, is there a particular web site that should be revamped?
  • Automated support tools, error messages?
  • Investing time with partners to make a certain backup or anti-virus product available?
  • Expand certification labs to broaden our hardware support for particular emerging hardware, monitors etc?

I’d be interested in people telling me how they’d invest separately in XenDesktop/XenApp in general, but also separately in HDX in particular. It would be interesting to see how HDX features (here’s a list of some of them) fit into peoples overall priorities.

The best investments are strategic and targeted so the more detail the better, “Better documentation” is a bit vague and difficult for a product manager to work with, the more specific the better “I’d like a user web page collecting together all the documentation for doing upgrade with product XXX because… “ is a lot easier for us to consider.

So how would you spend your $100?

Update: when this is over I will tot up the total $s for each request so think hard about how many you submit and if you want to blow it on one request or hope many others share your desires 😉

Update: Some other blogs have implied this is an official Citrix Strategy and the wining/losing features will be added or not to the products. This blog is a personal conversation with my users and a game! The technique is one we use internally as one of a number of techniques for scoping and prioritising features and other work. There are other sources of input and this blog is not a commitment to add or undertake work! It’s jsut a bit of fun but an important conversation for a product manager to have, listening to their customers!