A human capital management company deployed the suite of Citrix ShareFile products using the ShareFile Success Management program.  The deployment followed  / was driven by 3 easy steps:

  1. Create Deployment Plan
  2. Conduct Employee Training
  3. Drive Ongoing Adoption

This customer’s program goals focused on: security, reliability and simplicity.

 Create Deployment Plan:The customer worked with ShareFile’s Success Management team to outline use cases, configure their ShareFile environment and create a rollout plan.  With security and reliability in mind, the environment was configured to meet the needs of the customer’s Information Security team, while keeping a focus on employee usability.  To ensure long-term adoption, the rollout plan was broken into three phases: Pilot group A (IT), Pilot Group B (two departments), followed by Company-wide (all employees).  This plan allowed the customer to refine environment settings during the pilot phases and prepare for their global rollout.

Conduct Employee Training: Once the customer’s ShareFile environment was setup, focus shifted to training and communications.  The customer’s internal helpdesk completed product training and the Success Management team shared helpful tips and tricks leading up to the global rollout.  Virtual and onsite training sessions were scheduled to ensure each region was appropriately trained on ShareFile’s many use cases.  The most important deliverable of the project was a communications package that was delivered to all employees.  This communications package was created to provide employees a step-by-step process on how to setup ShareFile Sync, ShareFile Web Application and ShareFile Mobile (iOS, Android and Windows Phone).

Drive Ongoing Adoption: After the successful launch, the customer project team shifted focus to expand user adoption across multiple departments.  By working with their ShareFile Success Manager, the customer created use cases by department on how ShareFile can be incorporated into everyone’s day to day work tasks.  The customer is closely aligned to the ShareFile product roadmap and uses ShareFile reports to track access and usage statistics.  Currently, the customer is working on how ShareFile will be positioned within their IT organization’s long-term service catalog.

  • For more information on Citrix ShareFile’s Success Management program please contact: justin.riek@citrix.com