Don’t let your customers get left behind with legacy network technology. Citrix can help you add networking expertise to your portfolio and extend your solution offerings with advanced Citrix networking product lines

This is part 2 in a series of blog posts on how Citrix partners can capture networking opportunities. Read the first post here.

1. Brand new partner to Citrix?

Learn about Citrix networking product lines (NetScaler and CloudBridge) and our alliances with major players in the market, like Cisco, Google and Microsoft. Read more about the unique value Citrix brings to the networking space:

2. Seeking a competitive edge?
Leverage your Citrix relationship to drive differentiation and growth, especially beyond a regional market or a certain customer size. Stand out through your networking expertise:

3. Looking to grow your business by expanding your portfolio?
Explore the possibilities of adding a strong networking competency to your portfolio to drive larger, more-complex deals and target new customer challenges. Take your Citrix relationship to the next level:

Take the next steps
Citrix offers exceptional guidance and ongoing investment to support your networking business.

Vid Sista, Director of Data Center & Security Practices at Accudata Systems says, “We’ve been working with Citrix for over 17 years and their innovative programs, technical training and tight integration with their sales teams consistently provide sustainable value to our end customers. We look forward to expanding our networking relationship with them.”

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