Enterprise mobility management has moved beyond MDM to encompass app and data management. Enabling EMM and delivering any application to any device is one thing but ensuring those apps deliver an excellent end user experience is quite another.  A clearly thought out EMM strategy and program addresses requirements for the overall business itself, end users and IT.

Ensuring a quality user experience in today’s enterprise app environment is highly complex.  Not only does your enterprise app portfolio include native mobile apps, windows apps, web apps and SaaS apps running on a variety of mobile devices, but you have to manage app performance across a variety of mobile carriers and network types.  Resolving mobile app problems is one thing, but IT departments must also ensure mobile apps are delivering the expected gains in productivity.  IT needs solutions that help them address questions like:

  • How does app performance vary across devices, operating systems, and carriers?
  • When problems occur, how do I prioritize response to the most important users?
  • Are my mobile apps meeting required SLAs for critical business activities?
  • What is the impact of my mobile roll-out on the corporate data plan?

Ensuring an excellent mobile end user experience and answering these questions effectively can be the difference between EMM success and failure.

Join Mike Marks, Chief Product Evangelist for Aternity and Christopher Campbell, Senior Product Marketing Manager for XenMobile on August 5 as we discuss mobile application management more deeply and explore the benefits of our application management and end user experience management solutions.


Learn the best practices for deploying and supporting any app to a mobile workforce to ensure EMM success.

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