Demo Friday: Citrix demonstrates fully orchestrated delivery of ADCaaS in a multi-tenant environment using OpenStack, NetScaler Control Center and NetScaler SDX.

Original Event Date: August 08, 2014
Event Time: 10:00 am, PDT Check the time in your location
Duration: 1 hr/s 0 min/s
Agenda/Description: Summary:In this demo, you’ll learn how you NetScaler delivers ADCaaS in an OpenStack environment. The demo shows how a service provider can use NetScaler Control Center to fully automate the deployment of new ADC services for different tenants on NetScaler SDX (a purpose built multi-tenant appliance) while maintaining a high degree of flexibility and control over capacity management.

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NetScaler SDX

Hardware-based appliances with advanced virtualization to consolidate up to 80 independently-managed NetScaler instances with up to 120 Gbps of overall performance.