As a product marketing manager for XenApp and XenDesktop, I spend a lot of time speaking with new and existing Citrix customers and partners about our products, our vision, and how XenApp and XenDesktop can improve employee productivity, simplify IT, and at the end of the day, well just make life better.  However, it’s not that often that I’m able to capture these conversations on camera to share with all our customers and partners, but this year at Citrix Synergy I got to do just that.  I sat down with many of our attendees and record their stories, their victories, details on the way they utilize XenApp and XenDesktop every day, how the products have mobilized their workforce and improved the way they do business.  Today, I would like to share them with the world, so you too can see that as we talk about feature enhancements, architectures, and use cases, at the end of the day it all boils down to this, XenApp and XenDesktop making life better for our end users.

Atlanta Public Schools chooses XenDesktop: In this video, you will hear why Atlanta Public Schools with the assistance of Presidio, the 2014 Citrix North American Partner of the Year, was able to virtualize the desktops of more than 50,000 students with Citrix XenDesktop to ensure that students have access to the technology they need to receive a 21st century education that will make them college- and career-ready.

Aerospace Company implements XenDesktop with NVIDIA technology to deliver HDX 3D apps:  Aerospace engineers have very high demands for graphical application performance and overall user experience, listen to Entisys Solutions and agile360 Principal Architect Al Solorzano describe the benefits of Citrix XenDesktop and NVIDIA HDX 3D technology for aerospace engineers.

Choice Solutions recommends XenApp for Healthcare:  Healthcare is a fast paced, highly regulated industry and healthcare apps provide mission-critical information for saving lives, in this video listen to Citrix Technology Professional (CTP) Jarian Gibson and Citrix Certified Expert Darrell Doty detail a XenApp implementation for a large Texas healthcare system.

XenApp mobilizes a Large Financial Services organization: Hear why it’s all about the apps and the user access experience for a large financial services organization, which choose to leverage XenApp to deliver Windows apps to a broad range of mobile devices while providing secure remote access for offshore use.

Benefits of App Virtualization on the new XenApp and XenDesktop FlexCast Management Architecture: The next generation of XenApp and XenDesktop has been integrated into a single, unified solution that provides both app and desktops from a common platform, known as the FlexCast Management Architecture (FMA).  Hear how Pella Corporation made the transition to the new architecture and all the benefits they were able to reap with app virtualization on FMA.