We all have heard about the 3 (sometimes 4!) P’s of marketing, product management, software development; essentially there exists a set of P’s that defines the core attributes of pretty much every function of an organization.

I have my own set of 3P’s (what are the odds!) that I think make an organization a great place to work: People, Product and Partnerships.  Over the years, my experiences have taught me the importance of these attributes that are essential for a fun, fulfilling professional experience. Citrix is one extraordinary company that supports my beliefs.

I am excited to introduce the Citrix Code Master Challenge: an opportunity to showcase your skills, get a glimpse into our world and ultimately be a part of it.

Let me also elaborate why you should participate, what is unique about Citrix and it’s culture:

  • People – It’s a people’s business. Everyone should look for a team of smart, curious and fun people; after all, we spend so much time with co-workers. This is why I value the Citrix culture that promotes openness, we help each other succeed and truly enjoy working together. In the short time I have been here, I have seen how our leadership team makes it a priority to re-enforce this culture and I am truly inspired.
  • Product  – We have bigideas and imagine new ways to make things better. Your ideas will be heard. Our leadership shares a clear vision for the company and empowers employees to innovate and deliver that vision with industry-leading technologies.
  • Partnerships – For any enterprise with a multi-faceted go-to-market strategy like ours, strong partnerships are critical for success. We have a strong community of partners ranging from strategic alliances, technology partnerships and resellers. Together, we build and deliver cutting-edge solutions that help our customers transform their businesses and embrace mobile workspaces to thrive in the cloud era.

Everything we do supports our belief that work should be fun. Working hard while enjoying life is essential to our success. We focus on delivering results and provide unprecedented flexibility while offering an intense, fulfilling and rewarding experience.

I am very excited to introduce The Citrix Code Master Challenge and invite you to showcase your skills and become part of our amazing team.

What is it?

The Citrix Code Master Challenge is a coding contest offered by us, consisting of two 60-minute uninterrupted coding challenges offered online via our partnership with Hackerrank.   The final challenge will be onsite at our Santa Clara, CA campus on Saturday, August 23, 2014. Learn more and take the challenge today!