If you’re a follower of Citrix Education (if you’re not, connect with us on Facebook or Twitter), you know we love input from our students. All of our students receive an end-of-class survey, where they can provide immediate feedback on key components of the class, such as the instructor, the labs, and the courseware. We’ve also asked your opinion on how to shape the future of Citrix Education.

Those two sets of feedback don’t provide the answer to an important question, though:

Did taking a Citrix Education course make a difference when you got back to work?

A third-party research firm recently surveyed 3,000 of our students who had taken a course this year. Nearly all of them had finished their course and had been back at work for at least a month. Here’s what they told us:

• 93% of respondents said attending a Citrix Education course made them more effective in their role (TVID: E90-14F-E00)
• 79% of Citrix Education students saw a return on their investment in six months or less (TVID: 75E-726-884)
• 54% of Citrix Education students experienced increased job satisfaction after attending a course (TVID: 0A4-081-F64)

Our students also provided some great insight into what made the courses so valuable:

“I have been managing NetScalers for years and left off with version 9.6. I didn’t expect to get much other then a refresher course from this training. I was pleasantly surprised when our extremely knowledgeable instructor took us the NetScaler journey. I told my co-worker this was the best training I’ve attended in the last 14 years of my career.” IT Systems Analyst, DPSST

“Along with a wonderful opportunity to learn more about Citrix products, Citrix Education classes are the perfect opportunity to meet and collaborate with Citrix professionals across the country. I value the in-class discussion as much as the book learning itself.” IT Systems Analyst, Via Christi Health System

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