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The workflow feature in AppController can be used to manage application access through an approval process. Using the ControlPoint portal of the AppController you can add/create workflow templates and map them to the applications that need to go through an approval process before they can be delivered to the user for access. The below details explain the procedure to configure workflow and the process involved in a approval process.


1)      Users fetched from AD need to have an email account
2)      Users fetched need to have manager attribute defined  in Active Directory
3)      A service account to configure workflow email  on AppController

WorkFlow configuration 

1.      Configure workflow email on the AppController
–                            a) Login to the Control Point UI and click on settings
–                            b) Select WorkFlow Email
–                            c) Edit WorkFlow email and enter the details requested
–                            d) Click Save

Configure WorkFlow Email

2.     To verify if the manager details are fetched from AD to AppController
–                         a)    Access the AppController admin portal https://<AppControllerURL>:4443/admin
–                         b)    
Select the View option as manage users and Login to the portal

AppController Admin Portal

–                    c)    Search for a user by either first name, last name or email (Ex: John Doe)
–                    d)    
Click on either the first name, last name or email account of the user

User Search

–                   e)   Check for the details of the manager under the users profile

User Details – Manager Details


3.      Create a workflow template by logging onto the ControlPoint portal
–                  a)   Click on the Workflows TAB
–                  b)   
Click on Add Workflow 

Create WorkFlow Templates

–               c)    Specify the Workflow name and description (optional), click Next

Specify WorkFlow Name

–            d)   Select the level of manager approval (Ex: 1 level) and click Save
                     (Note: You can set additional approvers,  if required)

Manager Approvals

4.       Once the WorkFlow template is created the admin can
–                    a)    
Delete the workflow template created
–                    b)    View d
etails of the workflow such as number of approval levels
–                    c)     View d
etails of the Apps assoicaited with the workflow template that has been created

WorkFlow Template Action Details

5.      Choose the application that need workflow association

App & Docs

6.      Edit the application
7.      Click Next
8.      Enable Require approval and select the workflow template from the dropdown (Ex: CTX WF)

Map WorkFlow Template

9.       Click Next
10.     Click Save on the following screen
.      This completes the workflow configuration on the AppController

Client Side

.      From the Worx Home client user taps on Worx Store to view the apps assigned based on the role

Worx Store

2.      User taps on the app that has workflow associated to it (Ex: WorxWeb)
3.      A popup window shows up with a request button
4.      A request is raised once the user taps the Request button


App Request

5.      The app request status remains in pending state until it has been either approved or denied

Application Request Status

6.      An email is generated by the Appcontroller and sent to the reporting manager when a request is raised by the user
7.      As part of the email there are two links available
–                      a)   To approve the request
–                      b)   
To reject the request 

Application Account Request

8.      On clicking the link corresponding to approve, the manager is redirected to a portal which confirms the approval process as displayed in the screen below

Request Approval

9.      Once  approved a popup window shows up when the user taps on the Worx Store

Add App

10.    The manager on the other hand can choose to reject the task by clicking the link corresponding to it
11.    It brings up a window requesting the manager to state the reason for rejecting the task
Manager can enter his comments and click on Done

Comments Window

13.    The following window confirms the rejection of the request

Approval Request

14.    User on the other hand receives an email stating that the request raised has been rejected and details of who rejected it

(Note: Within Worx Store the requested application will show up without any Add or pending tags which indicate that the request has been rejected)