This release brings cache server optimization to real-life reports, brings enhanced scalability to meet the need of speed & capacity, brings Usability & Manageability together to get a  Concrete Visibility Solution to the table.

Cache Redirection Insight

10.5 release introduces a brand new visibility solution called Cache Redirection Insight. It’s primarily focused to bring out the visibility on optimization provided by Cache farms in Service Provider deployments. This brings visibility across the % Bandwidth Saved, Cache Server Utilization, Cache Hit, Miss and Bypass traffic level segregation across Domains, NetScaler Devices, Clients, URLs and Servers. With this module Insight will be able to cater to following use cases:

  • How much Bandwidth is saved using Cache Servers?
  • How are the Cache Servers utilized?
  • Which are the Top Domains requested?
  • Which URLs are being served from Cache vs. Origin?
  • Which content is always served from Origin Server?

Boost your way up!

This year boost your performance with scaled up Insight solution! With 10.5 release, Insight will be able to sport 10X performance for Web Insight and 20X for HDX Insight. With the new built to scale Insight architecture, you will be able to analyze Analytics across ~200,000 concurrent ICA sessions per HDX Insight deployment and ~10,000 HTTP Req/sec traffic Analytics (based on data diversity) per Web Insight deployment!

GeoMaps for Web Insight

This release also brings GeoMaps for Web Insight which combines Geo-location data on top of existing HTTP Analytics. Below are the few scenarios you can unveil using GeoMaps in your Insight deployment:

  • What is the usage of Sharepoint from California versus Texas?
  • What is the Response time experienced by users in New York accessing Siebel?
  • Which clients accessed OWA from Florida?


HDX Insight Usability Enhancements

HDX Insight bring a great set of usability enhancements with 10.5 release taking the visibility factor a notch higher! Do try this release to experience the smoother HDX Insight :). Below is the complete list of enhancements you will find in this release:

  • Hop diagram associated with every session.
  • Active Sessions/Active Desktops/Active Apps on Global User Dashboard
  • RTT split for a session
  • Default number of important columns in the sessions table
  • Drill down in to Terminated Session
  • EUEM information for a session
  • Client IP/Server IP/Device IP information for a session
  • Client type and version information for a session
  • Active Sessions and Active Apps in the global Application dashboard
  • Clickable Desktop sessions

Export/Schedule Reports

This feature gives power to you to export/schedule any report you see on the dashboard. Every Dashboard will sport an icon highlighted in the snapshot below. With this solution you will be able to export/Schedule any of these reports in to PDF, JPEG or PNG format. Let’s see what use cases will the Schedule feature solve:

  •  I want hourly report of users with high ICA RTT
  • I want weekly reports with top 10 applications with high response time.
  • I want Daily reports of URLs giving high Load Time.

AAA Support:

Eradicate manual creation of users on Insight for its access with new AAA Server based authentication support. Now authenticate user access with LDAP, Radius and TACACS support.

Enhanced Manageability of Insight:  

We now provide the ability to manage Insight deployment upfront on its UI with straight forward settings. Let’s explore how these can help manage your deployment.

–        Database Cache Settings – why end user would want to know about this?

  • This feature is enabled by default to enhance Insight User Interaction Experience. With this, Insight UI calls will be served from Internal Cache datastore instead of the Database. This improves the user interaction experience to good levels. This can be disabled in extreme scenarios, in case of storage space constraint.

–        Data Record Log Settings

  • This is to capture HDX/Web Insight traffic records in simple data-value pair to help understand if Insight is getting all the data records needed to put reports together. This is an easy way to troubleshoot and resolve key issues faster.

–        URL parameter settings

  • This will help remove query string from the Web Insight URL data that Insight collects. This can be done when length of the URL is too long for you to analyze data and you don’t require the query string data for your analysis.

–        Database Cleanup settings – again not something to expose

  • This setting will completely flush the database with existing data. This is recommended to be done when instructed by Support team members during troubleshooting sessions.

–        Database Index settings – why not enabled by default?

  • To increase Insight performance, database indexing can be enabled. When doing so, you will have to be mindful of the available disk space.

–        NetScaler Insight Center Statistics

  • Know the performance of your Insight deployment with this latest feature. This will display the live data on CPU, Memory and Disk Usage of the Insight deployment upfront in a graphical format. It will display total 10 data points at a time with 14 seconds of time interval.

Here is the complete list of NetScaler Insight Center 10.5 Key Features:

  • Cache Redirection Insight
  • Up to 20X Scalability
  • Geo Maps for Web Insight
  • HDX Insight Usability Enhancements
  • Schedule & Export Reports
  • AAA Support
  • Adaptive Threshold for URL (Web Insight)
  • Extended Security Enhancements
  • Enhanced Usability
  • User Enabled Insight Management
  • NetScaler Insight Center Real-time Performance Statistics
  • Simplified Troubleshooting with more Comprehensive Support Logs.

This will be the first in the blog series of NetScaler Insight Center 10.5 release. I will be coming up with more cool details in rest of the series over how 10.5 release is THE RELEASE for you :).

Here is NetScaler Insight Center 10.5 download Link: