Here at Citrix, we just wrapped up the beta program for NetScaler 10.5 and got some great feedback from our beta users, whose contributions help improve our products for everyone. The NetScaler beta program is an opportunity for our customers and partners to experience the software and features of the NetScaler software before General Availability (GA).

Beta participants are able to give direct feedback to engineering on any feature enhancements or improvements.   This is also a chance for customers to provide feedback on the documentation and where we can add more details.   This beta program ran from April to June timeframe this year and beta customers gave updates as often as they can based on their weekly testing.

Our team was elated at the success of this program, with over 40 users participating over the course of the program and providing numerous feedback on GUI as well as other features of the release. Every software release has its usual release notes and list of features, but NetScaler 10.5 beta customers have spoken and provided some great feedback from their perspective.   We really appreciated the time and effort they put into their feedback and wanted to share some if it with you here.

Huge focus has been set on admin GUI – it is almost 100% free of Java applet usage by now – and Mobility. But overall there are tons of new and improved features, among them are SPDYv3, MPTCPv2 and Front End Optimization (FEO), which is cooler than anything seen before.Consulting Lounge

One thing which I find is the most important featue in the latest build (besides the new GUI) is the front-end optimization feature which allows the Netscaler to reduce load and render times on web pages which are rendered on a client browser, after some intials tests with this feature I was able to save 60% of the load time.NetScaler 10.5 review by Sandbu

One of our Citrix partners, Ron Kuper, CTO of Integrity Software, Ltd, had this to say about NetScaler 10.5:

NetScaler 10.5 is pure awesome!”

“What a fantastic job with so many substantial new capabilities and features! (Some were even on my own personal wish list like AppExpert Variables, Clustered Gateway, Relative AAA Form SSO URL, SAML idP and LR)”

“The front end optimizations sounds amazing”

I’m impressed”

Thanks for the beta customers and partners for all the feedback during and after the NetScaler beta program!  We are looking forward to more partnerships in the future.  Feel free to reach out to me or post a comment here if you want to be involved in the next major NetScaler beta software release planned for first half next year.

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