Citrix Insight Services

Citrix Insight Services ( has been around for over three years now. In that time, we’ve collected and analyzed a vast amount of data in order to provide customers with product insights, best practices, fixes for known issues and much more. I wanted to take a moment to quantify just how much we’ve accomplished by sharing some metrics.

  • 500GB of data uploaded per week on average
  • Thousands of individual uploads per month
  • 140+ countries over six continents logging in
  • 300+ current healthcheck plug-ins
  • 250,000+ detected conditions over the past 12 months

I think you’ll agree that these stats are impressive. We’re seeing that many customers are not just coming to the CIS platform once or twice, but rather checking in periodically with CIS to help ensure that their environment is running optimally. To me, that’s the ultimate validation of the true value that the platform provides.

So that’s a quick rundown of where we are today, but what’s next? While I can’t divulge the details, you can definitely expect some new products coming onboard into CIS over the coming months as well as much more plug-ins. We’d also like to hear from you directly. Tell us what’s working, what we can improve and how we can best continue to evolve the offering by visiting

Until next time, keep those uploads coming…

Allen Furmanski
Product Manager
Citrix Product Insights and Analytics