Citrix is offering an exclusive opportunity for Americas Citrix Solution Advisors to tell their story!  Take your customer success stories to the next level with professionally produced resources, showcasing your accomplishments to their best advantage. This turnkey service includes not only expert writing and graphic design, but also promotion of the finished success story on Citrix channels such as, Citrix Partner Central and Citrix Partner Locator.

Why a customer success story?

Customer success stories are a great addition to your marketing toolkit because they provide examples of how your company performs in the real world. They resonate with customers and prospects that have the same challenges or are members of the same industry. This new service offers time savings and effort for you.

Benefits of a customer success story!

Consider case studies as a win-win for the client and yourself. Here are a few benefits*:

1. Powerful social proof: Case studies give consumers the confidence to trust a product or service by providing relatable human evidence of its value.

2. Reusable information: A case study provides prime material for multimedia, which expands its reach to a wider audience of visual and auditory learners, and boosts SEO across platforms.

3. Keywords for SEO: Case studies often necessitate keywords that help websites rank higher on Google, because at the core of any case study is a specific product or service a customer used to solve a problem.

4. Totally original content:  With your customers in control of the narrative, no two case studies will ever be the same.  Your products or services are promoted in compelling, original stories unlike any piece of content created by your competitors.

5. Opportunities for customer advocacy: Destroy any apprehension you might have about approaching customers to share their experiences; case studies can be used as part of a mutually beneficial customer appreciation program that builds stronger business relationships (and potential brand advocates!)

A good testimonial is priceless – begin yours today!

Simply leverage Citrix Marketing Concierge to engage with our preferred vendor, Ken Wright of KWD, for expert assistance in describing your successful implementation of a Citrix solution for your customer. KWD will write the story and also design a high-quality layout.

If you have any questions about getting started, the process or promotion, please email

(Source: *5 Benefits of Case Studies by Sarah Bauer)