I hope you’ve been following our XenApp and XenDesktop blog series.  I’m excited to tell you about a new EdgeSight reporting feature we’re working on that will provide capacity insights through Server Hosted Application Usage.  Many of you want to know who is using what for how long.  This feature will enable you to easily find this information on the Flexcast Management Architecture (FMA).

Peak concurrent usage

When there is the need to trend usage over time, the peak (maximum) counts are important, as this enables capacity planning.  Understanding when the peak usage is occurring and what those peak levels are allow you to predict the capacity needs based upon past history usage.  The screenshot below shows how the peak concurrent usage will be tracked in Director. The table displays aggregated counts on a per application basis, including peak concurrent instances, total number of instances, total application launches, and total number of distinct users during the time period selected.

Application specific metrics

It’s also important to be able to drill down to the specific application to determine who used that application.  Clicking on the application in the table brings you to this view (below) where an admin will be able to view the user based application metrics.

For this specific application, the graph displays the peak concurrent instances over time, while the table provides the per user metrics; this includes the total number of instances of that application, total launch count, total duration of that application for that user, and the average duration (hh:mm).

And as with all Trends reports in Director, we provide the ability to export the Server Hosted Application Usage reports into .csv and PDF formats.

Stayed tuned for further updates on XenApp and XenDesktop!