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The purpose of this blog is to provide information on upgrading XenMobile Device Manager (XDM) from v8.7 to v9.0.

Introduction to XDM 9.0

From XenMobile 9.0 onwards, Citrix has started leveraging License Server for XDM installations. So, if you are installing a fresh XDM 9.0, then you need to install Citrix License Server (which is available as part of XDM installation package). If you don’t have a license server, you will not be able to use XDM for more than one month.

Till XDM 8.7 the license file was in .CRT format. However, from XDM 9.0 onwards, the license file will be in .LIC format – to be used in license server.

However, if you are upgrading the XDM from 8.7 to 9.0, then you do not need to install the license server. It will leverage the existing license file and proceed with upgrade to 9.0.

Backup XDM

Before upgrading the XDM to 9.0, make sure you take a back up of  the entire ‘XenMobile Device Manager‘ folder. Better still, take a snapshot of the VM, if possible.

Upgrade Process

To upgrade the XDM 8.7 to 9.0, follow the steps given below.

Step 1: Run the XenMobileDeviceManager 9.0 installer (you can download the XDM installer from Citrix download site)

Step 2: The installer will detect the existing XDM 8.7 setup and you will get a pop-up message saying your XDM server will be upgraded. Click OK to continue.

Step 3: Select the Language

Step 4: Click Next on the Welcome screen and accept the license agreement when prompted by clicking on ‘I Agree’ button.

Step 5: The upgrade process will start

Step 6: Click on Next button and Finish button when prompted to finish the process

Step 7: When you login to XDM Admin console, click on ‘About’, you will find the upgraded version information.

Before Upgrade

After Upgrade

Note: XenMobile 9.0 supports direct upgrades from XenMobile 8.7 and XenMobile 8.6. To upgrade from earlier versions of XenMobile and Zenprise, you must first upgrade to XenMobile 8.6.

You can get more information in the below URL:

This concludes the blog on upgrading XDM from 8.7 to 9.0