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Preface: WorxHome 9.0 facilitates the option for a user to reset the Worx PIN if forgotten or misplaced. Below listed steps detail the flow of  how a user can reset the Worx PIN for iOS and Android platforms.

Worx PIN reset flow for iOS

1)      User enters an invalid pin on the first pin authentication prompt

WorxPIN Auth

2)      User taps on the option “Having Trouble”

Enter Worx PIN

3)      A popup window shows up with an option to reset the PIN
4)      Tap on Reset PIN


5)      WorxHome prompts the user to enter the domain credentials before they can reset the WorxPIN

WorxHome Authentication

6)      On successful authentication the user is prompted to enter a new PIN and confirm it

Create New WorxPIN

WorxPIN reset flow for Android

1)      User enters an invalid PIN at first attempt

WorxPIN Auth

2)      Tap on the option “Reset your PIN”

WorxPIN Auth

3)      WorxHome prompts user for network authentication

WorxHome Auth

4)      Post successful network authentication the user is allowed to create a new WorxPIN

WorxPIN reset screen

5)      The user needs to confirm the new WorxPIN

Confirm WorxPIN

6)      User is directed to the WorxStore once the new WorxPIN is confirmed

Worx Store