On Monday June 16th 2014 Citrix released Receiver 5.9 for iOS devices. While we’re always excited to improve our product with every new version, this version of Citrix Receiver is a big deal for our Federal customers as it supports SmartCard authentication.You can now access any application or desktop from your iPad or iPhone securely. Moreover you can sign and decrypt emails by using your smartcard on the iPad or iPhone. You can even browse secure websites that require PIV or CAC authentication.

Citrix Receiver 5.9 operates without downloading any of your enterprise applications or confidential data to your iPad or iPhone (zero-data-at-rest). This is a dream come true! Finally DoD customers can be completely productive using Citrix Receiver on iPads or iPhones! You can download Receiver 5.9 on iTunes and be sure to check out this video demonstrating how this works for a DoD customer:

Getting Started

  1. Download Receiver 5.9 from the Apple Store onto your iPad.
  2. Connect a compatible smartcard reader and smartcard. Receiver 5.9 supports PIV and CAC smartcards.
  3. Configure Receiver 5.9 to access the StoreFront URL for your Citrix XenApp or Citrix XenDesktop environment. See complete requirements here.

If you do not have a XenApp or XenDesktop environment, download your free trial of Citrix XenApp or Citrix XenDesktop and setup XenApp or XenDesktop before proceeding. We’ve got some handy guides for XenApp 7.5 setup and XenDesktop 7.5 setup. Be sure to configure StoreFront for smartcard authentication. If you are using a NetScaler, then follow this guide to configure StoreFront.

If you already have XenApp or XenDesktop implemented, and with StoreFront 2.5 or above configured for smartcard authentication, then use the following steps to setup Receiver 5.9 for CAC or PIV authentication on your iPad:

Step 1. Download and install Citrix Receiver 5.9 on your iPad

Step 2. Connect your CAC or PIV reader to the iPad and insert your smartcard.

Step 3. Launch Citrix Receiver on your iPad, click “Add Account” and enter the URL of your StoreFront site.

Step 4. Toggle the “Use Smartcard” button so that it is green in color.

Step 5. Enter your PIN and launch your applications or desktops.

Tip: Make sure that the any root certificate and intermediate certificate installed on your StoreFront server is also installed on your iPad.

Citrix Receiver version 5.9 for iOS demonstrates Citrix’s leadership and commitment to enabling enterprises to be productive on any device and from anywhere. We now support SmartCard authentication on iOS, Android, Thin-clients, Zero-clients, and regular PCs. To learn more about Citrix solutions for DoD customers click here.